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CEO and Founder, Absolute Exhibits, Inc.

Within weeks of graduating from Chapman University, Todd, along with his mother founded Absolute Exhibits, Inc. in Orange County California. He had a clear-cut vision of what he wanted his exhibit house to offer to the business community. While in college Todd owned and operated an import/export business, Global Provisions, sending food to Samoa and receiving fresh products in return to resell in the greater Los Angeles area.

Todd attended Chapman University, a private college in Orange, California. In three years’ time he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Born and raised in southern California, he now resides in Las Vegas. He is single and spends what little time he has away from business boating on Lake Mead and "living the fast life in Las Vegas."

What did you want be when you grew up and how did it work out for you? Todd responded that he had always planned to be President of the United States and reminds all of us that he still is not of legal age to pursue that dream!