In April 2015, Chapman50 member Rob Selway '07 (MBA '10) and Chapman student Greg Bucilla became the first confirmed mentor and mentee of the Chapman50 Student Scholars program.

Mentoring Greg has been a pleasure; he is an impressive young man that has bought into the system that is Chapman University. Currently, he is a sophomore and already active in the Accounting Society, Campus Ambassador program, football team, and business school career center. As an alumnus of the University, I enjoy imparting to current students the value of fully utilizing all the extra benefits that Chapman has to offer. Like anything in life, how hard we work directly correlates to the results produced. Utilizing the Chapman50 mentorship program is an extra incentive for current students and alumni to personally improve our alumni community. The relationships we build during our time in school and thereafter are critical to the potential success we see in our careers, businesses, and lives. If more Chapman students and alumni can personally work together in mentorship scenarios, these few seeds we plant will bear even more fruit for future graduating classes. I am proud to say Chapman50 is setting the example for others to follow in this regard and challenge more alumni to do the same.

As an advocate for a career in finance and accounting, I invited Greg to join me at the next Chapman University Economic Forecast Update and the post-event networking mixer. Additionally, as a former student athlete, Greg will be my guest at an upcoming AthletesTouch professional development meeting. AthletesTouch is a group for former college athletes now in the business world who are looking to grow their professional networks. Also, as a soon-to-be young alumnus, Greg will start being more active with the Young Alumni group this summer. For the upcoming fall semester, I have encouraged Greg to continue leading the accounting student society and engaging with local CPA firms to hire and intern Chapman students. Lastly, Greg is looking forward to attending some Chappy Hours later in the year to meet other alumni in the fields of expertise in which he hopes to grow his network.

When I first decided I wanted to get into commercial banking a trusted advisor and professor made some introductions for me to other alumni in the industry I wanted to get into. This single act of kindness is what motivates me to return the favor to current students in need of advice in my field of expertise now. Students, staff, professors, and alumni should work together to make the student and alumni experience special for each person. The biggest competitive advantage of Chapman University is the personalized touch and small class sizes we offer to our students and graduates. We all can directly work together to improve upon the value of our degrees. The more we can do to make the University a better place, the more our degrees are worth. Making these connections to Think Chapman First is easy and having an open dialogue with a mentee takes very little time.

The Chapman50 Mentorship Summary was written by Rob Selway '07 (MBA '10), Assistant Vice President of Citizens Business Bank.