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 Vice President of Marketing/Partner, Marshall Reddick Real Estate

During his junior year at Chapman University in 2005, Scott took an internship at Marshall Reddick Real Estate. Little did he know that 8 years later he would become a partner in the business. Marshall Reddick Real Estate was founded in 1979 with the vision of “Creating financial independence through real estate investing.” His company has helped thousands of people create passive income with rental properties by educating them and providing quality real estate investments. Marshall Reddick Real Estate prides themselves on creating more millionaires than any other organization of its kind.

Scott has not only become a business owner during his time at Marshall Reddick Real Estate, but also a landlord and has had the pleasure of mentoring hundreds of individuals on becoming successful landlords. He gives live presentations weekly all over southern and northern California and travels across the country monitoring the real estate markets his clients are invested in.

Scott graduated from Chapman in 2006 with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis in marketing. He also sits on the board of GesherCity LB, a Jewish Non-profit organization that connects young adults to their local community through various fundraising events.

Receiving the Provost Scholarship to attend Chapman University has made Scott extremely passionate about providing scholarship opportunities for incoming students as well as current students whose ideas will shape our future.  Scott is an Orange County native and is heavily involved in volunteer activities at Chapman University.