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Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Axellium

Patrick (Pat) Boulard was born, raised and educated in France where he graduated with degrees in mathematics and physics, business administration, and marketing. Pat headed to California in 1989 for what was supposed to be a one-year abroad experience as part of an exchange program with Chapman. But in the end, Chapman had a much more profound impact on Pat’s life than anyone could have anticipated.  Pat graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1990 and stayed on to get an MBA in 1992 at Chapman. As an MBA student, Pat took an entrepreneurship class that would later prove decisive in his professional life. He also met his Chapman sweetheart and now wife, fellow Chapman graduate Lori (Guirior), (B.A. finance ’91).

Following graduation, Pat started his career in maritime operations, and became involved with information systems after realizing the positive impact technology could have on productivity and business performance. Moving from container ships to retail, and from California to New Jersey, Pat joined Toys R Us International where for nine years he directed teams of operations and technology professionals in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and implemented operations and systems improvements that enabled Toys R Us countries to operate more efficiently and profitably. In 2004, Pat transitioned from toys to women's apparel to lead a business transformation initiative as CIO for Urban Brands (now known as "The New Ashley Stewart") and in 2007, the whole family happily moved back to California when Pat was recruited to become the first Global CIO for Quiksilver in Huntington Beach.

Over the years, Pat has developed a passion for energizing business performance through innovative and culturally relevant solutions that make people more productive, processes more efficient, and companies more profitable. As co-founder and managing partner of Axellium, Pat combines his cross-industry, cross-functional and cross-cultural expertise with a set of unique tools and methods to deliver transformative and lasting value to his clients.

Pat now lives in Irvine, Calif. with Lori and their two children, Chloe (now a freshman at Chapman also) and Ian.