Chapman50 at Santa Ana's 4th Street Market with Irv and Ryan Chase


On Thursday, March 22, 2018, Chapman50 had the distinct privilege to meet with Irv Chase (a Chapman University Trustee) and his son Ryan Chase at their 4th Street Market in downtown Santa Ana.

Chapman50 at 4th Street Market.jpeg

Ryan, Irv, and the Chase family as a whole have a rich history in Downtown Santa Ana, dating back to 1919 when Ryan's great grandfather opened a shoe store on 4th Street.

The event, presented under the group's "Leadership" series, afforded Chapman50 members and friends to taste a variety of unique food items (courtesy of Irv Chase), and hear directly from Irv and Ryan about their success story ies and the history of Downtown Santa Ana.


Irv shared how he built his real estate success by identifying and capitalizing on unique trends that were, at the time, downplayed or ignored by others. Sharing his father's ability to sense opportunity, Ryan took on the "reinvention" of Downtown Santa Ana as a "pet project" with the full support from the family. Ryan focused on building long-term value through lasting relationships based on trust and win-win business agreements. He sought out and brought in tenants who offered unique value to the market and 4th street in general, then developed strong relationships with them through a collaborative approach promoting common sense value for all parties. As an example, Ryan developed  a "shared-services" model to help food entrepreneurs manage their supply chain collectively. This innovative approach created an economy of scale that enabled eatery owners who would otherwise not have the resources, knowhow or bandwidth to operate profitably. Ryan's vision for mutually beneficial solutions to business and real estate needs is at the root of 4th Street Market's remarkable success.

Ryan and Irv Chase at 4th Street Market

Ryan takes the long view about real estate investments and transformations, and believes that Downtown Santa Ana will, at term, be THE place to be in Orange County. 

We invite you to visit 4th Street Market and experience the variety of food items available there. You can find details by clicking here

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