Scott Pastel '06 Transforms Real Estate Firm in Newport Beach

Scott Pastel '06 pictured on the far right

Scott Pastel '06 pictured on the far right

Scott Pastel ’06 and his business partner Ross Nelson have transformed their firm, Marshall Reddick Real Estate, into a full-service residential brokerage powerhouse in Newport Beach. Following the 2008 housing crisis, Scott and Ross envisioned a real estate industry transformation that would automate the purchase of real estate and allow consumers to buy and sell real estate online as they would any other product on Amazon, while also being able to track the performance like a stock on E-Trade. In 2014, Scott transitioned from employee to employer, taking over a real estate firm devastated by the housing collapse that was once an industry giant.

“In order to accomplish this massive undertaking, we knew that we needed to bring all of our services in-house, and focus on building our presence in the local market,” Scott said in regards to the tireless transformation.

And that’s exactly what they did within the last six months. Completely self-funded, they managed to build an interactive website that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. They have moved far beyond their original focus of helping people buy out-of-state investment properties, and have made tremendous headway in the technology of their revolutionary website, which will bring together the convenience of online purchasing with tracking.

Moreover, Marshall Reddick Real Estate expanded its real estate and property management services into the Orange County and Los Angeles Country markets earlier this year. Since then, things have taken off and the company now ranks #1 on Yelp for “property management” in Newport Beach. They also have the #1 ranked video on YouTube for the search term “investment property.”

With the launch of their new industry-leading interactive website, expansions in local services and the recent addition of Danya Bicer ’18 (business administration, emphasis in marketing) to their team, Marshall Reddick Real Estate is on the fast track to re-establish its pinnacle stature in the local real estate marketplace.

-Written by Dan Nelson '06
Co-Chair of Communications, Chapman50