Chapman50 Leadership Summit and Retreat June 2016

Purpose, vision, and meaningfulness. These seemed to be the keywords of the Chapman50 retreat at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, Calif. The first evening kicked off with an exclusive look at The Broad, a $140 million three-story building that enshrines the collection of some 2,000 works owned by Eli and Edythe Broad, two of Los Angeles leading philanthropists. Mr. Broad, a billionaire home builder, has been among the country’s most assiduous contemporary collectors. Artists from Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and Yayoi Kusama overwhelm the senses with brilliant colors and mind-bending renditions of human consciousness.

Prior to the tour we were lucky enough to spend some time with President Jim Doti as he gave us a farewell speech, telling our group amazing stories about the formative years of what is now known as Chapman University and his vision to create the impact the school is making today!

It was then time to eat at the Clifton Cafeteria, California's lone survivor from the Golden Age of Cafeterias.

Saturday’s events were kicked off with a members-only brunch that allowed us to reflect on the amazing experience from the previous evening and plan for a full day leadership summit.  The summit began with structured presentations by all Chapman50 chairs explaining their efforts to expand on their leadership roles and give insight into the future evolution of our group.

Next we took a short lunch break to enjoy a delicious lunch in the opulent Georgian Room. We all had some time to catch up with one another and to discuss each other's presentations for the future.

Rounding off the summit was a special guest speaker, Vance Caesar, thanks to Chapman50 Chairman Mike Brown ‘06. Vance, a premier leadership coach focuses on helping leaders create success for themselves and their organizations. We were taken down a mind- and life-altering path of finding one’s purpose, having a vision and doing meaningful work.

The day rounded off with another great dinner at the Lobby Lounge Restaurant where members had the chance to reflect on the day and their friendships.

The final day was filled with memories, direction, and gratification. Our members had achieved their goals in our annual retreat and we all prepared for the long road ahead. Chapman50: to lead, innovate, and serve.

Our chairman, Mike Brown ’06, had this to say regarding the event, “The annual gathering brought Chapman50 alumni leaders together to reflect on the previous year and plan meaningful programs for the coming year. Our purpose is to mentor current students, create jobs for students and alumni, and grow as individuals while building our friendships, all in the spirit of aligning with the objectives and priorities of Chapman University.”

-Written by Dan Nelson '06 and Randall Crockett '09
Co-Chairs of Communications, Chapman50
Dan Nelson is the CEO of
Randall Crockett is the President of Logic Packaging, LLC