Chapman50 members mentor Chapman students

Dr. Michael Pahl ‘99 is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty training in sports medicine. His practice at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center provided an internship opportunity for Chapman University student Tessa Oliaro ‘17.

Tessa, a junior majoring in environmental sciences, had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Pahl in the operating room during her spring break. In an email to Dr. Pahl, Tessa wrote, “It was an amazing experience to see surgery up close and I greatly appreciated your guidance and wisdom.”

Dr Pahl operates on cases that range from fixing a broken wrist to repairing torn bicep tendons. He would like to advance the opportunity in the future by creating a MCAT plan for Chapman students. A med school application strategy at the University would open the door for future hands-on student training with alumni in the medical field.

Chapman50 members are dedicated to advancing alumni/student engagement through volunteer programs that help mentor our future leaders. “As a Chapman50 scholar, athlete, scientist, student leader, and Panther, she is off to a great start,” said Dr. Pahl, about his experience with Tessa.

Tessa is planning on spending more time this summer at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center to see the daily life of a surgeon.