CBS Television Studios Tour


Lights, camera, action! Chapman50 members were hosted by Casey Kasprzyk ’01 at the CBS television studios to take a behind the scenes look at the some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest shows. The day began on a rooftop overlooking the iconic Hollywood Hills sign and the massive studios that play host to some of our most endearing TV memories such as American Idol

We were then ushered into a technical department to learn more about the science behind the magic, learning from Emmy Award-winning set master engineer Jack Forrestel. He offered insight about the costs of building sets, and the ‘green’ movement to build modular sets that can be manipulated for multiple shots and are much more sustainable. We were then taken backstage to see the sets for such shows as The Talking Dead and The Late Late show with James Corden! Members jumped at the chance to take these once-in-a-lifetime photos, sending them to loved ones and posting all over their social media outlets. Quiet on set! The time seemed to stand still as we were reveling in these iconic and massive sets, but, as is Hollywood the show must go on!

The executive producer in Casey never rests; his walkie talkie is constantly abuzz communicating with the set of The Bold and Beautiful and he didn’t let a moment go to waste. We were told Dr. Chapman (President Doti’s soap opera alter ego) was soon to be on set and that we were going to be able to join him in his dressing room before he filmed his scene for The Bold and the Beautiful! We caught up with Jim and his wife Lynne in their dressing room emulating the lives of TV and movie stars. The consummate pro, President Doti took the stage as Dr. Chapman and delivered his lines with grace and precision. We were then taken back to the crow’s nest and given a glimpse into how the show is mixed, edited and produced. 

Having little daylight left, we headed over to see the iconic American Idol studio and stage. Unfortunately, none of the members were brave enough to take stage, even without millions of eyes watching from home! We were ushered back to the area where sets are built and were able to take an iconic photo with the wheel from The Price is Right! A few of the members also tried their best to earn a chance to get on the show but couldn’t name the right price. 

The day was capped off with a tapping of Real Time with Bill Maher! Bill’s infamous introductory commentary for the episode set up for what would be a hilarious and intriguing hour of political satire and discussion. His first guest, Muslim women’s activist Raheel Raza, opened our eyes to a dark world of oppression and fear that infuses the lives of women within the Muslim community, not just overseas but here in our backyard. The panel included actress/comedian Sarah Silverman, congresswoman Donna Edwards, conservative blogger with The Daily Caller Matt K. Lewis, and American Radio Journalist Ari Shapiro. The current political landscape set the stage for an amazing discussion including the fallacies of Donald Trump and the “Bern” of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. We laughed, we felt uneasy at times, and we learned a lot from the professionals who discussed their beliefs and view points.  

Overall, the day was not only an amazing bonding experience, but a “Bold and Beautiful” look behind the scenes and beyond the curtain!