Chapman50 Council Meets with President Struppa

During our council meeting, we were very fortunate to be greeted by President Struppa in the Argyros Building for a private discussion of the “State of the University,” as well as his goals and objectives, and how Chapman50 leaders can be supportive as alumni.

The President is a first-generation migrant and shared his disdain for class system in Italy. He loves the opportunities that America has provided him and his family with, and is honored to be able to return such opportunities to young leaders of our society. He was enthusiastic over the new addition of a 140,000 square foot Center of Science and Technology building—the largest building constructed on campus to date.

President Struppa is driven to continue to direct Chapman University as a school of integrity and prestige, and as a university that offers a great future. President Struppa’s vision includes his passion for branding, specifically how to create the idea of Chapman University into a brand that one can feel. He shared his love for Disney and how it has deeply impacted and will impact himself and his family, including future generations.  He strives to create a feel and desire for Chapman University following the ideas and strategies of iconic brands such as Disney, Mercedes-Benz, and Apple.

President Struppa plans to build upon our students’ current Chapman experience, whether that’s in the classroom, online, or with staff and faculty. He drove home the idea of repeat customers—how he wants our children and our children’s children to keep coming back to Chapman. In closing, he plans to continue on Jim Doti’s incredible success of growing our endowment. We capped the night with a toast to our new president and a photo to capture our great experience! Chapman50 assured President Struppa that we will do anything we can as alumni to help him achieve his goals and spread the news about how great Chapman University is.

Written by
Randall Crockett '09
Chair of Communications, Chapman50
President, Logic Packaging, LLC