Thinking Chapman First: Alyssa Soto (MBA '03) mentors Chapman alumnus


As the Chapman50 mentoring program continues to grow and thrive we are beginning to see the powerful impact these mentor/mentee relationships can have. Alyssa Soto (MBA ’03), founding member of Chapman50 and vice president in portfolio compliance at PIMCO, has been mentoring James Heiman ’13 since May 2015. We are proud to share that James accepted a position with PIMCO as a portfolio compliance analyst and began in early July 2015.

James is excited about this new chapter in his career. In his prior role as a financial analyst at Shorebreak Energy Developers, James helped develop a financial model to value renewable energy assets, including involvement with credit underwriting and due diligence to evaluate the financial strength of such assets. He passed level 1 of the CFA and is very eager to put his knowledge, skills and professional experience into action in his new role at PIMCO.

As an undergraduate student at Chapman’s Argyros School of Business and Economics, James was awarded a Chapman University Trustee Scholarship for accrued academic excellence in 2007 and was also a two-time California State Governors Scholarship recipient. He earned a B.A. in economics in 2013.

Thank you, Alyssa, for your enthusiastic support of Chapman University and your commitment to helping some of Chapman's best and brightest students succeed in all their endeavors.

Written by:
Alyssa Soto (MBA '03)
Vice President, PIMCO