CEO of First Step Fitness, LLC

Mike Matuz is the Chief Executive Officer of First Step Fitness, a company that develops fitness centers in various apartment and high end residential complexes nationwide. Mike graduated from Chapman in 2007 with a degree in business marketing. During his time as a student, he was a successful athlete while also holding leadership roles in Pi Kappa Alpha. Since then Mike and his wife Amanda have started several personal training businesses in Long Beach and Orange County. He founded Playmaker Enterprises in 2013 with the mission to inspire mindful movement and develop leaders in the sport of life. Playmaker enterprises provides companies with efficient, effective facility and program design to build a strong corporate culture around happy healthy employees. They also provide education, mentoring, and training programs for young athletes. Their goal is to use the platform of competitive sports to instill entrepreneurial values that will allow young people to build a strong personal brand identity that serves their community, family, and the future jobs they will create.