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CMO, Amare Global

Before Mike Brown graduated from Chapman University in 2006 with a degree in business administration, he co-founded ModBargains.com at 19 years old when he became passionate about cars and noticed there was a need for easier access to automotive enhancements and aftermarket products.  After encountering a great deal of problems locating car parts to modify his BMW 3 series, Mike realized an opportunity to capitalize on a growing market. While a student at Chapman, Brown co-founded and operated ModBargains.com, a retailer of aftermarket car parts including wheels, exterior accessories, performance parts, and interior accessories.

Shortly after its inception, ModBargains.com had earned over one million dollars in revenue and was shipping over 4,000 parts to 49 countries. Brown’s entrepreneurial endeavor won him first place in the 2006 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.  Starting a business in college was risky for Brown. Growing his company while maintaining a high GPA, took discipline, time-management skills, and passion. Refusing to compromise his individual or professional ethics, Brown has made ModBargains.com a place to find high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Brown's purpose statement is to use his leadership strengths to create love, happiness, and prosperity.  As a mentor at the Chapman University Entrepreneurship Village, he advises aspiring entrepreneurs to do what they are passionate about rather than what will earn the most money. “Ultimately, you are going to be pouring your entire life into your business, so you better enjoy what you are doing."  Matching passion for the business along with solving a problem in the marketplace, leading to revenues, is Brown's focus & what he advises start-up entrepreneurs to focus on.  

Brown's La Habra business grew from him working on orders on his laptop between classes at Chapman to 26 employees and a 13,000-square-foot building with offices, a warehouse and an installation shop. The company really began to grow after it started keeping car products in stock and performing installations on vehicles with the parts it sold.  ModBargains has processed over 100,000 orders to more than 160 countries.

Brown is now the chief marketing officer at Amare Global.

Brown is involved with many organizations including: SEMA Young Executive Network, SEMA Professional Restylers Organization, Chapman University Chapman50, Chapman University eVillage, and has been featured in the Orange County Register, OC Metro 40 under 40, Young Money magazine, Yahoo Finance, and other publications.

For more information on ModBargains, please visit amareglobal.com