On October 29th, 2014 Chapman50 made history with its first ever Chapman50 Student Scholars Mixer. The October 29th event was a unique opportunity for Chapman50 members and Chapman students to meet & form relationships.  Members of Chapman50 will be providing direct mentorship to current Chapman students.  In addition to mentorship & guidance, Chapman50 is also providing scholarship contributions to the students!

Founded by Sinan Kanatsiz '97 (M.A. ’00), Chapman50 has grown to 42 members in less than two years. Exclusively comprising alumni, the group's primary purpose is to positively impact the lives of current students to such an extent that those same students can go on to achieve success and then apply to join Chapman50 themselves someday. The Student Scholars Mixer had been in planning for more than a year. Seeing the event in action filled Chairman Kanatsiz with immense pride as he realized the power of the event: "Lives of students were changed tonight. The relationships they formed with Chapman50 members will be invaluable to their growth as individuals and their potential to succeed after graduation."

Alex Hayden '95, a founding Chapman50 member, addressed the students and gave valuable advice: "When I was a student here at Chapman, we didn't have a mentor program to directly connect students to successful people in the business community to advance the careers, life opportunities and relationships, and that's why I am so proud to be a part of this program. Take advantage of it.  Engage with your mentor in a fun and meaningful way. Put effort into it; this program is what you make of it. Think about what your mentor enjoys, get to know him or her, and go out of your way to share something with your mentor that you think he or she can learn as well. Give more than you take. You have a unique opportunity to form a relationship with somebody who has volunteered to share their wisdom with you. Don't waste the opportunity!"

In the two and a half hour event, hundreds of new connections were made inside Argyros Forum. When I think about the impact of this one night and how it can affect the lives of the students, as well as Chapman50 members, it fills me with hope and pride. The event was just the beginning. The mentoring relationships will have powerful, long-lasting impact for the students, Chapman50 members and ultimately Chapman University as a whole!  

Written by:
Mike Brown '06
Chapman50 Chair of Communications
Co-Founder & CEO, ModBargains