On Saturday, April 18 Chapman50 members convened at the beautiful Terranea Resort and Spa in Rancho Palos Verdes for the second annual Chapman50 retreat. A record number of members attended the event. The purpose of the annual retreat is to take care of business for the group as well as provide an opportunity to create and grow friendships between group members.

Chapman50 got straight to business with a meeting from 10 a.m. to noon to review the previous year, discuss major priorities for the group and have an open forum for members to provide feedback to the Chapman50 leadership council. Chairman and founder Sinan Kanatsiz ’97 (M.A. ’00) reviewed the past year's events and outlined major goals for the group. "I encourage each of you to consider a donation to Chapman University as part of your estate planning. Include Chapman in your will. Furthermore, I think we can become the Harvard of the west - or even better! Chapman50 achieved 50 members on December 19 and we currently have a waitlist to join our group," said Kanatsiz.

Many members contributed at the meeting. Matt Munson ’00 (MBA ’04) spoke about starting with the ‘why we do what we do’, and that makes it easier to then clarify the how and what we do. Member Mike Matuz ’07, along with his wife Amanda Matuz ’09, presented on wellness and fitness, providing all Chapman50 members with easy techniques to take care of their bodies. Pat Boulard ’90 (MBA ’92) discussed finance and operations. During the open forum, every member spoke and contributed ideas.

Kanatsiz formally announced Mike Brown ’06 as his successor as chairman, starting January 1, 2016. Brown then discussed the rotation of Chapman50 chair titles and opportunities for members to step up into leadership positions. "One of my primary objectives is to launch the mentoring program of Chapman50 members to Chapman50 scholars. Our one-on-one mentoring of current students will make an impact that will make a huge difference and continue to enrich alumni engagement," said Brown.

Following lunch, the fun began with a poolside party that included special guests Jon Marashi, DDS and Wing Lam, founder and CEO of Wahoo's Fish Taco. The group bonding continued with a fantastic dinner at the resort. The group was having so much fun that the friendships continued to grow even after dinner as Chapman50 members spent the rest of the night sharing stories, making new memories and growing the deep friendships that are forming inside our alumni group.

Members left the retreat understanding what Chapman50 is, where we are now and where we are going next. We also all left with both deeper friendships and new friendships with our fellow alumni. The ideas generated at this event will fuel Chapman50 with positive momentum to continue to make a difference for Chapman University.

Special thanks to Chapman administrators Delite Travis, Brady Hogan and Laura Miller for their hard work in helping make this retreat happen!

The Chapman50 Retreat Summary was written by Mike Brown '06, Chair of Communications and CEO of ModBargains

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