Greetings Chapman50 Members,

It is an exciting time of development and growth for the Chapman50 group.  I am proud to announce our leadership council has formed three clear goals for this fiscal year which ends May 31, 2017:

•    50 Mentor/Mentee Matches
•    50 Jobs created by Chapman50 members for alumni and students
•    $150,000 in student scholarships generated by member gifts

This post is about the 50 Mentor/Mentee Matches Goal, while also leading towards the 50 Jobs goal.

Mentorship is an opportunity for us to demonstrate innovation, leadership and service; all which positively contribute to the Chapman50 brand on campus, among university leadership, and future alumni.

One of the key Chapman50 programs is Professional Development & Mentorship led by co-chairs, Marc Hickman '06 and Fiona Beitdashtoo '07.

In partnership with Shaun Harris '00, co-chair of Career Development, the mentorship program will provide students a solid foundation to enable job placement for graduating seniors, and internships for underclassmen.

The leadership council recently voted in favor that participation in the Chapman50 mentorship program is a requirement of being a member of Chapman50.

Over the next two weeks Fiona and Marc will be sending an email introducing you to your student mentee. They've taken careful consideration in making these matches and ask you to keep an open mind. These students are a mix of Chapman50 Student Scholars and students who have applied or been recommended to our program.

Expectations & Guidelines for Mentoring:
•        Mentors are expected to have reasonable expectations of the mentee.
•        Mentors are not expected to drive the relationship, but be attentive and mindful to the needs of the mentee.
•        Mentees are expected to initiate and drive the relationship once introduced (follow ups).
•        Mentees are not expected to know all the questions they should ask; this is your opportunity to show them leadership.

Chapman50 Mentors are to Provide Mentees:
•        Insight into the various career/life options and paths
•        Increased self-awareness and self-discipline
•        An expanded personal network
•        Support in the transition to post university life
•        A sounding board for testing ideas
•        Positive and constructive feedback on professional and personal development
•        Accelerated training and development

Once you are introduced to your Mentee, it will be your responsibility to:
•        Have a kick off call with your mentee
•        Gain a deeper understanding of what the mentee hopes to learn by identifying specific areas to focus mentorship around
•        Agree on cadence of communication (weekly, monthly etc.); needs to be mutually agreeable for both peoples' schedule

Fiona and Marc will be checking in with you at the 30-day and 90-day milestones to ensure that you have made contact with your Mentee, and take in feedback as well as assist with any roadblocks.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Fiona and Marc.
Thank you in advance for your active participation and support in this endeavor with your time as a mentor.
Best Regards,

Mike Brown '06
Chairman, Chapman50

Chapman50 student scholars and members network in October 2015.

Chapman50 student scholars and members network in October 2015.