From left: Justin Klein '05, Jeff Cole '01, Allan Paine '12, Holly Miller '06, Mike Brown '06, Sheri Lehman '11, Jonathan Sanchez (MBA '13), and David May '05 (M.A. '10)

From left: Justin Klein '05, Jeff Cole '01, Allan Paine '12, Holly Miller '06, Mike Brown '06, Sheri Lehman '11, Jonathan Sanchez (MBA '13), and David May '05 (M.A. '10)

100+ partners and close to 1,000 attendees recently gathered in Las Vegas for Impact14 - the annual, three-day conference of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA).  Twenty-five industry leaders spoke from the main stage and more than forty led breakout sessions.  Hundreds of conversations on social media (#Impact14) and an untold number of interactions among participants uncovered four key findings that define the future of modern marketing.

Impact14, which took over half a year to visualize, plan and organize, was successfully executed by Chapman50 Chairman & Founder, Sinan Kanatsiz, resulting in a perfect mix of educational content and fun networking, friendship-building activities. This unique convention brings together leaders in the field of Internet marketing to discuss what is working, what is not working and what is up-and-coming in the industry.  Chapman50 Chair Patrick Boulard was hard at work making sure everybody was registered for the event, and has been working side by side with Sinan for many weeks to get Impact14 underway.

Chapman50 members in attendance at Impact14 included Sinan Kanatsiz ’97 (M.A. ’00), Patrick Boulard ’90 (MBA ’92), Mike Brown ’06, David May ’05 (M.A. ’10), Jeff Cole ’01, Justin Klein ’05, Jonathan Sanchez (MBA ’13, Elim Kay ’09 and Joe DeHart ’10.

David May and Mike Brown were invited to contribute to the event as speakers in educational breakout sessions.  May delivered a speech about "Empowering Your Community: An ‘audience generated’ approach to content marketing" and Brown's topic was "Who Cares? How to Engage Your Followers & Keep Their Attention.”  Jeff Cole's videography and film talents were put to work in full effect at the event as he ran the cameras and directed the action.

Kanatsiz was the glue that pulled the entire event together, introducing many of the keynote speakers, leading multiple events, engaging attendees one-on-one and in groups throughout the night, and pumping his signature energy and enthusiasm into the room and its attendees.  Without Sinan Kanatsiz, this event simply would not exist.  Ninety percent of the attendees were there because they are inspired by Sinan and believe that when he organizes an event, it is more than worth attending.  We were blown away at the quality of the learning and networking opportunities.

As an internet marketer, I can tell you that there aren't any events of this caliber for marketers in the Internet space, and I'm thankful for the sleepless nights and stress endured by Sinan to make this happen for all of us to enjoy!

Written by:
Mike Brown '06
Chapman50 Chair of Communications
Co-Founder & CEO, ModBargains

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