What is Chapman50?

Chapman50 is a dynamic group designed to connect influential Chapman alumni leaders in a university-wide network unlike any other.

Our membership reflects a wide range of majors and professions to promote a balanced and diverse representation of Chapman University alumni.


Scholarships from Alumni for our Students

Chapman50 members set the standard for leadership level gifts and fundraising efforts throughout the year in support of the Chapman50 Scholars Fund.
Our members represent the only Alumni centric efforts to directly impact Chapman students through scholarship aid.

Mentoring the next generation

Getting an education at Chapman is about much more than lectures, books, and classrooms; it is about collaboration, mentorships and connectivity. It’s about producing work and doing research alongside your professors and peers.

Chapman50 members continue the legacy of collaboration and community by providing opportunities for members to advise and mentor alumni peers and students who will cultivate a continuing legacy of alumni leadership and support to the University.

Accelerating the growth and reputation of Chapman

Our members are alumni who have demonstrated professional and civic leadership.

They are influencers who are capable of accelerating the growth and national reputation of Chapman University.

Chapman50 offers members a platform from which to lead, impact and influence others by generating programs that are aligned with larger strategic university initiatives.


Promoting an alumni legacy



Members set the standard for meaningful and impactful alumni giving through their leadership gifts in support of the Chapman50 Scholars Fund which has a direct impact by providing financial aid needs of current Chapman students each year.



Chapman50 members promote their alumni legacy by encouraging and fostering the personal and professional development of fellow members, alumni and students.



Chapman50 members utilize a high degree of connectivity among like-minded alumni leaders. They recognize and utilize their professional networks and leadership expertise of each individual.

Latest News

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Alumni Engagement • University Advancement • (714) 997-6681  or chapman50@chapman.edu